Newby advice which printer

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Newby advice which printer

Post by hunggaur » Fri Jul 13, 2018 6:25 pm

hi folks sorry to ask a question that has already been answered many time but i am struggling to get my head around

imam interested in getting a 3d printer and have a budget of around £300, i am happy to buy new or go second had if this is a better option

the problem i have is the more i read the more i get confused

so far i have looked at

anet A8
flash forge
devinci (Second hand)
Polaroid (Second hand)
wanhoa duplicator (Second hand)
makerbot (Second hand)

ideally i want to be able to use standard filaments rolls not ones limited be the make of manufacturer inc HIPS ( i think)

still not 1005 sure what i am looking at so and suggestions gratefully received

any advice and guidance would be welcomed



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