Surface finish and accuracy

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Surface finish and accuracy

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Hello All,

First post here and very new to the world of 3dprinting...
I'm looking at the possibilities of using 3d printing for the manufacture of some components (approx size 500mm x 200mm x 200mm) using an FDM printer (which I haven't aquired yet, so I'm open to suggestions for the ideal printer for this job!).
My question is regarding the repeatability / accuracy of the prints...due to the fact that I am having to make this component in two parts (internal access is required for other componentry), is it feasible to produce the two halves of the shell and expect them to mate accurately? Or, is it more likely that I will have to produce two halves with thickened edges and sand the outer edges and mating faces to get a good join?

Any help and suggestions gratefully recieved...


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Re: Surface finish and accuracy

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Printer accuracy is usually stated in the sales literature. You should be able to print to within a 0.1mm with a cheap printer like an Ender 3 V2. You do have to ensure the rollers and belts are snug fitting and maintatined to ensure accuracy. The 500mm measurment you require will be a stretch for most cheap printers. If 500mm is the height, then a cheap printer can be modified or a large printer will suffice.

A few other things will affect accuracy.

1. The mass of the print head (the heavier it is toharder it is to control accurately)

2. The print speed (the faster, the less accurate).

Hope that helps.

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